Heal Your Body, Mind, & Spirit

(available for Ashiatsu, Swedish, and Prenatal ONLY)
Three (3)  60 Min Massages - $195
Three (3)  75 Min Massages - $240
Three (3)  90 Min Massages - $300

Ashiatsu Bar Therapy

75 minutes/$85; 90 minutes/$105

Feet used to distribute deep, broadening pressure, warming up the muscle tissue more quickly. Therapist is able to work more deeply for a longer period of time, giving a more effective massage. Bars are positioned above the table, allowing the therapist to grip for balance and vary pressure. Said to be "The most luxurious massage on the planet!"

Hot Stone Massage

60 minutes/$80; 90 minutes/$110

Using heated lava stone to penetrate deep into the body, muscle tissue is warmed down to the bone. Hot stones are a supportive addition to massage by warming the fascia and muscle tissue.  The solid stones work as an extension of the therapist hands, enabling a greater amount of healing pressure.

Swedish Massage

30 minutes/$40; 60 minutes/$70;

90 minutes/$105

Oceanic hand movements across all muscle groups allow the client to relax and wash away tension. Promoting circulation, Swedish Massage provides a wringing out of the lymphatic system and offers overall stress relief.

Prenatal Massage

60 minutes/$70  -  90 minutes/$105

For the mother-to-be, this specialized massage provides an opportunity to center and rejuvenate. Bolsters are placed on the table so you can lie face down all the way through the third trimester! When mama can relax, baby can be happy.


60 minutes/$80  -  90 minutes/$110

100% pure, organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils are used to work with a range of  ailments. Using a diffuser, massage oil is made specifically for each client for session use and home use. This session will leave you relaxed and invigorated. Everyone reacts differently because each body takes what it needs from the oil and uses it to aid in healing, relaxation, energy restoration, and whatever it is that your body needs.

Chair Massage

Prices dependent on session 

Corporate chair massage is a great way to treat employees to a simple healthy perk. Monthly chair massage sessions reduce employee stress while helping to create a more relaxed work environment, thereby increasing overall productivity.


Essential Oils

Demeter's Meadow

All-Natural Artisanal Perfumes and Therapeutic Essential Oil Blends 

Demeter’s Meadow works exclusively with natural oils.  While synthetic fragrances can trigger headaches and inflammatory responses (allergies), plant derived aromas calm the body‘s systems and positively affect mood, all in a holistic way. The oils used are of the highest quality from trusted distributors who assure quality and use the purest of oils. With Demeter’s Meadow products you can expect rich, complex fragrances and potent therapeutic effects. 





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