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My Journey

Like most, my journey has many twists and turns along the way.  While attending the Pittsburgh School of Massage, I began working as a licensed massage therapist in a local, Pittsburgh salon.  Through the practice of massage with actual clients, I fell in love with the work and the people – I saw that I had a gift and was able to effect change for each person I worked with. By the time I graduated from the Pittsburgh School of Massage in 2007, I knew that I had chosen the right career for myself. 

I envisioned working at a yoga studio, but it wasn't until I met Sterling – the owner of Sterling Yoga and Wellness Center – that my vision had become a reality. By working in and being able to create a  massage space that was welcoming, safe, and comfortable for my clients, they were able to feel much more relaxed, and in turn, have a  more complete experience. The amount of understanding I gained in the six years I spent at Sterling Yoga is incomparable. 

Looking back, I realize how much Sterling's guidance helped nurture and inspire me, giving me the confidence I have as a massage therapist today. Now, first time massage clients who may be initially unsure about massage, leave my shop with a new perspective and refreshed outlook. That is what I love about massage- watching the progression of each person’s comfort level and seeing the tangible effects my work has on them.  Whether it takes a just a few sessions or five years, there is no mistaking a client who has been ever-changed by the benefits of massage. Ashiatsu is definitely my niche. When I was 10 years young, my dad asked me to walk on his back to give him a massage. 10 years later, I graduated from massage school and headed to Denver, Colorado to become a certified Ashiatsu Bar Therapist. When I returned home I asked my dad to install the bars needed to practice Ashiatsu so I could get right to work. And now, as my little ones walk on my back, things have come full circle.

I have been practicing Ashiatsu for almost a decade.  Through steady practice and dedication to advanced training, I have been able to do this work, helping to restore those that come to me for support and healing.

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