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About Me

Since I was young, I’ve had a calling to change people’s lives through sharing and shifting energy. I am a licensed massage therapist with 15+ years of experience and in my eighth year of owning a successful studio! I have always been driven by the belief that nurturing touch is healing for every person, and that informs my practice every day. 

Once I decided to attend the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy and began taking classes, I felt as if I had been welcomed home. I fell in love with the work and the people – I saw that I had a gift and was able to effect change for each person I worked with. In 2007, I graduated from the Pittsburgh School of Massage and knew I had chosen the right path for myself.  

Over the years, while holding to my core beliefs, I have allowed new modalities into my practice and have begun to offer healing touch to those who are in hospice.   

Since taking a life-changing course with Elizabeth M. Erbrecht, LMT, Massage Therapy for the Senior, Elderly, and Hospice Client, I have been able to refresh my perspective and truly recognized that my energy is well-suited for this work. I’m always working toward a more energetic modality; using my energy, skills, and experience to provide respite to those who most need it.

In my work, whether in the studio or in-home, I watch each person I work with find care, comfort, healing, and a refreshed outlook. This is what I love about massage - seeing a person experiencing the tangible effects that my work has on them.  Whether it takes just a few sessions or five years, there is no mistaking a client who has been ever-changed by the benefits of massage.

About Me: Mission
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