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What's new at Sole Sanctuary?

Hello! Welcome to Sole Sanctuary - I’m Sandy Santucci, owner and massage therapist.  I wanted to let you all know what is happening with me.

I have started a new endeavor that I’m very excited about. This past August, I took an amazing course with NCBTMB Approved Provider Elizabeth M. Erbrecht, LMT titled Massage Therapy for the Senior, Elderly, and Hospice Client.  

So, I am now board certified to do nurturing touch and geriatric massage for hospice and geriatric clients. My work has always been based on the concept that nurturing touch is beneficial for anyone at any stage of life. Through this course with Elizabeth, I have truly realized that my energy is extremely well-suited to do this work.

With this new certification, I am excited to announce that in addition to my work at Sole Sanctuary, I am working for UPMC’s Family Hospice Services.  Here, I have the opportunity to provide nurturing touch and care to the dying. 

I want to share this important book and encourage you to read it - Nurturing Touch for the Dying: A Guidebook, by Elizabeth M. Ebrecht, LMT.  The book focuses on the dying, but discusses the importance and beauty of nurturing touch for every person.  Please click here to get a copy. 

I will also be taking another course with Elizabeth in July 2022 called Cranial Foundations.  I’ll keep you updated on how it goes! 

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